Trolls AKA Weendigo

The trolls of Underneath are an amphibious race of carnivores from another dimension. They are big, greedy, nasty and hard to kill. The only true way to kill a troll is by fire, otherwise they will regenerate from even fatal injuries.

Lately the trolls have been up to something. What could it be?




Joe is a homeless man and one of the Keepers of Fire, the guardians of pool. A full blooded Potawatomi Indian, Joe’s people have guarded the pool since ancient times.

As a Viet Nam vet, Joe has seen his fair share of combat. However, nothing could have prepared him for the life of a Keeper and constant vigilance against the troll infestation.

Just exactly how Joe became homeless is a story for another day.




Clarence is also homeless and Joe’s partner. Little is known about Clarence. He joined the Keepers years ago and has been a fierce warrior in the battle against the trolls since.

Clarence rarely speaks. He’d rather let a guitar do his talking. His special six string is especially good at pulping troll heads.



Terry is a young lawyer that runs afoul of the trolls one night and gets sucked into the secret war between the trolls and the Keepers.

Terry is also an asshole. He’s selfish, egotistical and completely insensitive.

Joe & Clarence would really rather deal with trolls than this douchebag.

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